The Male Room Challenge #90 – Include An Unexpected Item

Hello there!

For the 2nd challenge in July, we are having a challenge featuring an unexpected item. ( Please tap the figure below for the details )

Here is the project I’ve created…

I had some ideas about the last theme of The Male Room challenge – Fishes. And I want to make it real. The images of fishes come from MFT Gill Friends stamp set.

I’ve created a shadow box with white card stock, acetate sheet and a shaker pouch as a fish tank. Actually, I had a fish tank when I was a college student. I always stood in front of the fish tank and watched the fishes swimming. So I created an astronaut standing behind the tank as the unexpected item. Hope you will love it!

Thank you for spending some time with me.

I hope you can head on over to The Male Room blog to enter the challenge and to see more inspiration from the awesome Design Team.

作者: Wei

Welcome to my blog! I am from Taiwan. I was a teacher taught chemistry at high school. For my two little girls, I chose to stay home accompaning with them. Then I started my card-making journey.

The Male Room Challenge #90 – Include An Unexpected Item 有 “ 2 則迴響 ”


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