Welcome to the World, Star!

Hello there!

Today I am sharing a baby card for a girl who is going to be a mom. She was my student when she was fifteen. And we have kept in touch with each other for fifteen years. I am so happy for her that she has  married to a wonderful gentleman. They will have a baby boy who was nicknamed Star!

I want to make some cookies on the card for the little baby boy Star!

Here is how I’ve created my card…

  1. Creat an A2 card base and stamp the sentiment with black ink on card base.
  2. Die cut scallop circles from Kraft card stock as cookies.
  3. Die cut circles smaller the the scallop ones from white and blue card stock as icing on the cookies. Adhere to the scallop circles.
  4. Die cut baby clothes and tiny stars from white and blue card stock as decoration on cookies. Adhere to the icing.
  5. Arrange the cookies and adhere to A2 card base.

It’s for the entry of

Thanks for spending some time with me and I hope you can revisit my blog again.

作者: Wei

Welcome to my blog! I am from Taiwan. I was a teacher taught chemistry at high school. For my two little girls, I chose to stay home accompaning with them. Then I started my card-making journey.

Welcome to the World, Star! 有 “ 6 則迴響 ”



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